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About our school

At Knowledge and Power Preparatory Academy VI, we have created a nurturing environment that supports, challenges, and raises expectations for the youth of Far Rockaway and the surrounding area.  Our rigorous and accelerated Regents requirements prepare cadets for admission into  academically challenging high school programs throughout New York City and beyond.

Admissions Information

Please contact the Main Office for further information regarding the Admissions Process at KAPPA VI at this time.

KAPPA students presenting information in classroom

Comments from the KAPPA Community

 "We realize that educators are not given appreciation during this difficult time. You were given about three days to have a remote classroom up and running for your students. Which you guys have done an excellent job. You guys may not be on the frontline but you pour your hearts and souls into your job. Your passion is inspiring to us as parents. Don’t think that because you don’t hear the words ‘thank you’ every day, that we are not grateful. Even though we are facing a difficult time now. We are truly grateful for all of the hard work each one of you are doing to ensure the students are still receiving an education.  Continue to be safe and again thank you for all that you do".     

               Frederick Family